The Family Penny Keychain by TheCopperFox Puts Pennies to Good Use

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: etsy
Put the soon-out-of-circulation penny to good use with the Family Penny Keychain by TheCopperFox. This unique and interesting monetary development uses the beloved copper coin for a purpose other than purchasing. The keychain consists of three pennies that can be personalized with whatever names or years you choose.

An individual can specifically request that the pennies to be stamped are of a certain year -- possibly, one of a specific such as a birth date or anniversary. Each penny can be hand stamped -- therefore they may not be perfectly straight -- with a name, a message or an event of significance. There is also an option to get more than three pennies on a keychain, which entails an extra purchase fee.

Have your family's names stamped onto currency with the Family Penny Keychain by TheCopperFox; although, their names may be printed on money, everyone knows some things in life, like family, are priceless.