The Grenade Screwdriver Set is Perfect for Badass Handymen

 - May 16, 2011
References: neatoshop & neatorama
Grenades are usually seen as symbols of destruction, but they may soon become symbols of construction thanks to the Grenade Screwdriver Set. The Grenade Screwdriver Set is a unique screwdriver that can be attached to your keyring and is shaped like a hand grenade.

The Grenade Screwdriver Set is colorfully designed, which I assume was done to prevent law enforcement officers from tackling innocent handymen in public places. The set comes with six different bits and can quickly and easily transform from a quirky item on your keychain to a functional tool.

Despite the rise of the computer nerd and the decline of handymen, there is an increasing number of portable screwdriver sets and multi-tools being made. Perhaps the age of the handyman is upon us once again, or perhaps computer geeks just need a portable screwdriver to open up their rigs on a moments notice -- it's more likely the latter.