The Chamula Hitched Horsehair Keychain is Simple and Manly

 - Nov 11, 2012
References: megcompany & selectism
The Chamula hitched horsehair keychain is another spot-on product from the Meg Company family, which also makes Canada Goose coats. The simple, but well-designed keychains, take on a Native American motif that is capped with masculine metal ends.

This keychain weaves together horsehair into a barrel shape with a Native American pattern. The metal ends keep the look masculine and come together to create a wild west feel. All of the Chamula hitched horsehair keychains are made in Mexico and are woven by hand. The product comes in two colorways: black and white.

Keychains are an odd accessory because we use them everyday, yet they are seldom seen except when you go to and from your home or get into your car. With a keychain like this one, you'll be looking for even more reasons to lock and unlock things in your life.