Darren Morgan Designs Aquatic Cooking Spaces

This kitchen by Irish designer Darren Morgan offers the kind of visual impact required to impress any guest! Featuring a three metre long aquarium and custom made island this kitchen is fully automated and offers the user interactive mood lighting and various positions of use.

The inclusion of a living splash-back has a dual purpose, offering a stunning visual backdrop to any social occasion and also promoting calm. In today’s fast lane society, simply interacting with the kitchen/aquarium at the end of every day can promote a sense of calm and well being! It provides a little bit of kitchen therapy! When you combine the kitchen automation along with the living ecosystem it can appear that the kitchen has a life of its own. 

Kitchen design is evolving, becoming an artistic appreciation of function and human nature. This design by Darren Morgan pushes the boundaries of expectation and delivers a multi layered experience for the user.