These Terrifying Toys are Definitely Not for Tots

 - Feb 25, 2012
The amount of deranged dolls available today is increasing at an alarming rate. These creepy toys are less appropriate for tots than the traditional plaything, and are a bit more macabre. Whether these twisted toys showcase a zombified version of an iconic plaything or are modeled after more disturbing content than usual, there is sure to be a deranged doll to suit your darker tastes.

Some examples of deranged dolls include gruesomely attached ponies that parody the now-infamous film The Human Centipede, recycled zombie dolls that showcase Barbie in a much less flattering look than usual and of course, petrified plush pieces, which is essentially a collection of mummified playthings from pop culture's past.

If you've ever wanted to see a bleeding Barbie sans extremities, this is the place to look.