The Zombie Pencil Holder Provides for Some Grotesque Fun

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: neatorama & amazon
This Zombie Pencil Holder from Neatorama is perfect for any fan-boy of the cult characters. If you, or someone you know, have a love for the gruesome, what could be a better way to showcase it than with this ghoulish desk accessory?

Featuring head wounds, an open eye socket, nostril holes and a mouth for you to stick sharp, blunt objects into -- like paperclips and pencils -- this shrunken head is sure to provide for hours of grotesque fun.

The plastic monster retails for $34.95 and is selling out fast, so get one of these practical, novelty toys for yourself before they're gone. At least this way, you can take out your work frustrations on the Zombie Pencil Holder instead of your colleagues.