The Mad Men Playset Transforms Your Favorite Characters Into Dolls

Artist Paul Sizer created this satirical graphic entitled Mad Men Playset. After blowing through several episodes of the popular television show Mad Men, Sizer found that he kept repeating the words Sterling Cooper Fisher Price to himself rather than the actual name of the fictional advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. With this witty flub, the concept for the Mad Men Playset was born.

Outfitted with the attire and facial expression of their dopplegangers, these Mad Men Little People are sure to make fans of the show smile. Everyone from the curvaceous Joan to the eccentric Cooper are represented in this concept toy line. If the show's long hiatus has been hard on you, the Mad Men Playset should hold you over until season five finally premieres.

Clever, cute and uncannily accurate, the Mad Men Playset is for fans and retro toy lovers.