The Photography of Paul Hermes Documents Macabre Scenes in Melbourne

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: paulhermes & juxtapoz
The photography of Paul Hermes is not for everybody, especially those who can't appreciate the more morbid things in life. All jokes aside, the Melbourne-based photographer captures compelling images that not only raise eyebrows, but that also have interesting stories behind them.

Paul Hermes doesn't spend his time shooting the beautiful scenery and sprawling landscapes that are abundant in his homeland of Australia. Instead, Hermes is busy sussing out strange scenes in and around the Melbourne area. When he's not pointing guns at swans or mauling a Barbie doll, Hermes frequents dodgy neighborhoods, carnivals and WalMart parking lots, searching for the perfect shot of some bizarre oddity.

But do understand that the photography of Paul Hermes should not be taken seriously. It's purely for entertainment and to provoke a little thought along the way.