Including 'Dancing with the Stars' and the World Series

 - Oct 23, 2008
Devoted fans watching the Major League Baseball World Series or 'Dancing with the Stars' can vouch that we love a good tournament, especially if it's televised.

These tournaments and viral news about tournaments showcase our obsession with the bizarre, whether it's 82-year-old Cloris Leachman competing on 'Dancing with the Stars' and holding her own against competitors a fourth of her age, or Las Vegas' World Series of Beer Pong (I'm so going next year).

This year's World Series pits the Philadelphia Phillies against the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Phillies took Game 1 of the series. This week on 'Dancing with the Stars,' Cloris Leachman stayed afloat and Toni Braxton got the hook.

Read about some of the more bizarre World Series below, as well as some of the recent pitfalls that have put a damper on this season's 'Dancing with the Stars.'