World Series of Beer Pong III

 - Jan 5, 2008
References: bpong & openpresswire
And you thought beer pong was just something you played with the guys on weekends? No way! There is an official annual tournament! The World Series of Beer Pong III in Las Vegas attracted 600 contestants this year!

For those who don't have time to read the World Series of Beer Pong rulebook, here's a quick debriefing. Two teams of strong-livered beer drinks gather, one on each side of an 8 ft table. On each side, there are 10 cups in a bowling-pin form, each container filled with about 2 oz of alcohol, usually beer. The goal is to knock over all the cups on the opposite side. Players alternate tossing ping-pong balls to the cups across the table; each time a cup is knocked over, it's taken away.

The best part about the WSOBP III? The winner gets $50,000. The worst part? The liquid is water.