From Drinkable Flash Drives to Inflatable Beer Pong Tables

 - May 6, 2012
Gone are the days when playing a game of beer pong meant constructing the set-up yourself, as these delicious drinking games give you everything you need for a night of drunken fun.

Product developers have honed in on the popularity of alcohol-infused gaming and created a plethora of items designed for a rip-roaring, legal drinking age night of debauchery.

The popular frat party sport of beer ponging has received special attention, and tournaments have been developed to test how many ping pongs you can dunk into your opponents frothy brew. For the gaming enthusiast who enjoys more slippery shots, gelatin-centered activities are a perfect way to make room for some alcoholic Jell-O.

If a stiff glass of whiskey is more up your alley, a game of chess where the pieces are full-to-the-brim shots of your favorite variety might be more your speed.