Natty Light is the First Beer in Space

 - Nov 30, 2011
References: facebook & youtube
Imagine drinking a beer that is not only ice cold, but space cold. Natty Light is the first beer in space, showing that the creative minds behind this beer stunt had the right idea. On November 18th, Natural Light the beer was attached to a weather balloon with a camera and shot off into the atmosphere. Follow the lonely, albeit refreshing-looking journey of the beer can to the edge of space as it finally pops at a certain level and plummets rapidly to the earth. The can took 2 hours to find and as the video lets you know, it was the longest beer run ever to retrieve it.

The idea for such an epic stunt was an interactive one submitted by two fans of the beer on the Natural Light Facebook Page. Natty Beer is the first beer in space and that title will garner it a fun reputation, making this publicity stunt an effective one.