Masuzake Glass Combines Japanese Traditions with Chic Technology

 - Sep 17, 2011
References: yankodesign & kimjungwoo
Thanks to the Masuzable glass mixing drinking with legendary traditions is now a lot easier. Conceptualized by Korean designers Jongmoo Lee and Taehwan Kim, this unique container alters drinkers when they need to refill their glasses.

According to Japanese’s drinking rituals, the glass where one’s is drinking Sake should never be empty; therefore, full attention must be paid while enjoying the drink. In order to avoid this preoccupation, Masuzake glass is electronically charged to glow when Sake is pour into it. Several strips of lights around the glass illuminates according to the level of the drink. If it's full, all the strips illuminates, if it's half-empty or almost finished only a couple of them will remain on, alerting the person or host that more alcohol needs to be refilled. In addition, several glasses can be charged at once by stylishly piling them up onto the charger.

Masuzake’s design is elegant and visually attractive; moreover, it can be used with any other drink. Now event hosting can be as fun and worry-free as never before.