- Feb 19, 2008
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Could you handle being an assassin? Well this trend has become the latest craze in London and has now moved on to the US.

Streetwars, tournaments that run 24 hours a day for three straight weeks, have already taken place in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Vienna and Wroclaw, Poland. Next, they'll be coming to San Diego, Burning Man in Nevada and Barcelona.

Each person or team is assigned a target they must find and 'kill' using a water gun or super soaker. If you kill your target, you win their envelope and must then kill their assigned target. This continues until you find the envelope containing your own information.

The winner takes home cold, hard cash as well as much earned bragging rights.

For a visual, imagine a bunch of adults in a citywide Water Gun Fight. If nothing else its hilarious to watch. Check out the may be coming to a city near you...