From Laser-Cut Leather Pants to Artful Slotted Spoons

 - May 29, 2012
These intricate cut-out creations are full of pint-sized features and diligent craftsmanship. It is necessary to get up close and personal with these works to appreciate their delicate, detailed forms.

There are a number of ways to create these elaborate pieces, ranging from high-tech lasers to no-frills office supplies. Laser cutters provide accuracy and allow designers to transfer painstaking patterns onto various surfaces. Other artists prefer to take an old-fashioned route, using scissors and paper to craft exquisite sculptures and cut-outs.

While your elementary school snowflakes are worthy of the fridge door, they are no match for these delicate beauties. The peak-a-boo pattern continues onto the runway, as fashion designers incorporate slashes and crocheted details into their ensembles.

Add flair to your home or closet with these breathtaking crafted cut-out creations.