These Hina Aoyama Designs are Amazingly Handcrafted

 - May 27, 2012
References: hinaaoyama & mymodernmet
These Hina Aoyama designs are amazingly handcrafted. Her goal is to try and combine both traditional and modern art inspiration into her work. The amount of precision that her pieces have is remarkable; the only items used to create them are paper and a pair of scissors. Each piece can take months to complete, however, the artist doesn't mind as she says it's a therapeutic stress reliever for her.

It is stunning how she can engrave words and sentences together to form patterns and shapes. Hina Aoyama's paper designs are all so in-depth, and often combine intertwined imagery. For example, the heart-shaped photo that appears to look like a bush has two female figures sitting in the middle. It appears as though they are sitting on a bench in the middle of a mystical forest. These incredible lacey paper cuttings are imaginatively genius creations.