The Terrordome Etsy Shop Creates Intricate Cut-Out Artworks

Emma from Terrordome, a UK-based Etsy shop, creates archival map cut-ups which are truly one-of-a-kind. Her art is sourced from vintage maps as well as literary classics. The biggest recurring theme among her gift ideas and collectibles are her butterflies made from old maps. These creations are cut and sewn by hand. They're triple-layered and come housed in shadowboxes. Customers are free to choose their preferred map locations for a custom touch. The butterflies offer a curious, unexpected contrast between the practical, rational medium of cartography and nature.

Other butterflies offered from Terrordome include text snippits and illustrations from old editions of Pride and Predjudice, Lady Chatterly's Lover and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Emma points out that many of her items are especially apt for 1st Paper Anniversary gifts.