The Stellavie 'Simply Do the Best You Can...' Piece is Great for the Home

 - Dec 5, 2011
References: stellavie & stellavie
Heads up, aficionados! This is neither offset nor letterpress, nor is it screen-printing; it’s novel and ahead of its game as well as limited to 100 pieces.

Stellavie 'Simply Do the Best You Can...' is an inspiring piece with a power credo that is produced with power tools. It reminds readers of the fact that nothing less than 100% of what you have to offer will get you where you want to be – but it also lets you know that, if you are focused and driven enough to offer just that, it might be quite enough to thrive beyond the ordinary.

Laser cut 3mm wood meets un-primed black paper meets a tick black frame – meets your limbic system.

Stellavie 'Simply Do the Best You Can...' utilizes the power of a CO2-Laser as well.