The Gourmet 'Uno' Sneakers Have Hints of a Classic Italian Sartorial Tradition

Up-and-coming footwear label Gourmet has produced a clever and eye-catching summer sneaker option. The canvas Gourmet 'Uno' models feature ankle cut-outs, making them both breezy and extremely light for high-tops. If you can't go a few months without wearing high-tos, these are a great practical look for the season.

The Gourmet brand aims to combine all-American appeal with hints of classic Italian sartorial tradition. The silhouette of the Uno falls somewhere between heritage tennis inspiration and old-school basketball sneaker. This Gourmet 'Uno' is available in white, navy and yellow. Reasonably priced and containing attention to detail, look for the Gourmet 'Uno' to pick up steam over the next months. Now available at your local fine sneaker shop or online.