- Jan 25, 2014
Spring is on its way and to step into its beautiful arrival, a pair of floral footwear would do your step some justice.

Spring is the season of regrowth, rain and most importantly, flowers. It's to no surprise to see an array of floral fashions once the warmer season is officially upon us, the pretty patterned flowers add to the sunshine and warmth the spring season brings and put a freshness in your wardrobe. Floral footwear come in a range of shoe designs from lace-up chunky heeled platforms that hug your feet with delicate tulips and daisies to stylish skater shoes adorned with tropical flowers that make for crazy fresh kick flips.

These beautiful pieces of footwear are the right kind of shoes you need to step into the season and dance in the rain.

From Pastel Pumps to Lavish Summer Loafers: