The Nike and Liberty Air Force 1 Collection Keeps Things Girly Yet Gangster

 - Jun 15, 2011
References: solecollector
Nike and British retailer Liberty are at it again, this time dropping a women's low-top Air Force 1 designed specifically for summer. The latest additions to the Nike and Liberty Air Force 1 collection is a set of two pairs of shoes, each featuring a colorful floral print.

I'm not used to my Nikes being so colorful and flowery, but these Nikes aren't designed for me, they're designed for the ladies of the world. I'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who could say no to a bright blue or pink floral print, especially during the summer. These are easily some of the most colorful shoes I've ever seen from the Swoosh, and would be a complement to any girl's shoe closet. Note to Nike, men might like a pair of Air Force 1s with season prints and creative colors too!