The Huge Company has Impressive Marketing and Chocolate

 - Jul 13, 2010   Updated: Jul 13 2011
People love their chocolate and this collection of creative Cadbury campaigns shows how one company can manage to be on top of marketing and great taste. Cadbury is always ready to think outside of the box when it comes to their campaigns.

From guerrilla marketing to pop-up rock studios and interpretive chocolate bar representations, Cadbury has never done the same thing twice nor the same thing as their competitors.

Implications - And this, among other reasons, is why Cadbury (which is owned by megaconglomerate Kraft Foods) is one of the world's most successful confectionary companies in the world. The company boasts an impressive 70,000 worldwide employees and has been in existence since 1824. Despite the fact that these ads are from the past few years, one thread that is evident in all of them is how much Cadbury values history and tradition as a company. Enjoy!