From Rainbow Sprinkle Cakes to Retro Cupcake Jars

 - Jun 10, 2013
Sprinkled confetti confections look just as special as they taste. These recipes are loaded with exciting ingredients. If you are planning an event or a party and need to make a dessert that looks fun and colorful try one of these sprinkled confetti confections.

Making a dessert and decorating it with loads of sprinkles is not quite as juvenile as it once was. Covering a cake in confetti used to be only for children's birthday parties. But these recipes are far from simple. They may look and fun and carefree thanks to the array of sugary multi-colored decorations they are covered in, but rest assured they taste just as exciting as they look.

From airy sprinkled sweets to sprinkle spotted desserts, these recipes call for a lot of color. Try one of these sprinkled confetti confections yourself and see how much fun they are.