From Musical Ketchup to Caffeinated Spicy Condiments

 - Jul 9, 2013
From unique flavors to creative containers, there is no lack of spice in these condiments and sauces.

Hot sauce can add the perfect amount of zest to a dish, but an extra shot of flavour is even more exciting. In addition to traditional alcohol and meat-infused sauces, some adventurous companies are injecting their sauces with unexpected flavors like fruit and coffee.

For consumers that are more adventurous with style rather than with the foods they're willing to try, there are inventive containers that make dispensing products easier, as well as more aesthetically-pleasing. Some inventive designs include containers that release condiments and sauces like geysers, caulking guns or robots to do the the job of squeezing that last once of ketchup out of the bottle.