From Community Solar Bonds to Fair Trade Shea Butter

 - May 31, 2012
Whether it's collective business ventures or co-operative worker networks, this top list shows that there's success within the group. At the end of last year, we featured a slightly similar piece that explored creative worker co-operatives from all around the world.

This one features not only worker co-operatives themselves, but also those businesses that work closely with co-operatives in order to produce the products that they sell or perhaps the material resources that they need in order to produce their products.

Many companies tend to brand themselves as a "collective" without in fact possessing any of the co-operative enterprise characteristics like co-owning and sharing. It seems that collective has become in the social business world a buzzword that perhaps has more meaning than many companies let on. What do you consider a collective? What kind of attributes do they need to have?