'The Brothel Project' Looks to Start First Ever Legalized Brothel in Canada

 - Jun 10, 2010
References: infocusmagazine & greenmuze
'The Brothel Project' is a documentary following the lives of journalist/activist Jody Paterson and former sex worker Lauren Casey as they journey towards creating the first ever co-operative brothel in Victoria, British Columbia. There they meet and work with Harvi (booking agent/business woman) and Mia (a young prostitute), hoping to decriminalize and regulate the prostitution industry to create a safer environment for sex workers. 

Tantalizingly controversial, 'The Brothel Project' ultimately begs the question of whether or not the decriminalization of prostitution would be morally irresponsible due to the millions of women struggling within the sex trade.

Would you agree to the buying, selling and exploitation of women?

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