SolarShare Co-op Offers Impact Investors Triple Bottom Line Benefits

 - Jan 19, 2012
References: solarbonds
Canadian cooperative SolarShare offers community solar bonds that offer returns in profit while benefiting people and planet. They allow impact investors to generate revenue while contributing to the production of solar power for clean, renewable energy while supporting employment in the green energy sector in Ontario.

Membership is required to participate in SolarShare, with a one-time fee of $40, after which investments can be made through $1,000 bonds that earn five percent annually for five year periods.

"Today, 18 projects (17 smaller ground mounted rural installations and one large industrial rooftop system) are completed, installed and generating electricity," SolarShare says. "Since these projects are already completed, SolarShare Community Solar Bonds are at lower risk and offer a steady income for 20 years."

This is a simple way to get into impact investing, and generate not only profit, but also benefit the environment and the community.

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