From Collaborative Data Tools to Business Insights Apps

 - Mar 12, 2015
While big data is a buzzword that some may argue is used too frequently, there are plenty of innovative startups employing big data in ways that are applicable for individuals as well as businesses, from unique business platforms to collaborative data tools.

The Weather Company has an emerging division that uses local climate data to predict consumer spending patterns, while True & Co is a San Francisco-based startup using big data to design a line of bras that offers something for women of all body types. The Weather Company uses the data collected to inform marketing and design decisions, while True & Co offers a potentially more personalized bra shopping experience.

Another innovative example of collaborative data tools is the Pecan Street Project, a research and development organization at the University of Texas at Austin that is using consumer household data to track and find solutions for energy and water wastage.

Big data offers limitless opportunities for the ways in which mass amounts of data can be analyzed and interpreted to create disruptive and revolutionary companies.