Teradata's Aster AppCenter Makes Big Data for Business Comprehensible

 - Mar 12, 2015
References: bigdata.teradata & cio
Using pre-assembled templates, the Teradata Aster AppCenter framework is able to make insights from big data for business apparent.

As described by Teradata's strategic intelligence program manager Arlene Zaima, the driving factor behind the development of the Teradata Aster AppCenter was that the business users who rely on insights don't comprehend the language of big data. Zaima notes, "With big data apps, we can provide the data in a very easy to use interface with the tools they're used to interacting with."

With this system, data scientists are able to purposefully build apps that will answer specific questions for a business. Using retail as an example, through an intuitive web portal, Teradata makes it easy to see what's happening with customer abandonment, attribution or website flow. With tailor-made templates for industries like hospitality, cable, travel, entertainment and gaming, the value is clear.