From Hazy Boudoir Photoshoots to Uncanny Couture Captures

 - May 14, 2012
These chic blurry editorials speak to a tendency in the fashion, photography and styling worlds to mask over precise details. Teams of talented professionals have emphasized the beauty that comes with a less is more mantra, opting for foggy finishes. While some productions go to great ends to entirely obscure images, others do so subtly, mixing elaborate snapshots with colorful cloudy touches.

Hazy boudoir spreads and uncanny couture captures are only some of the productions that have preferred an unclear quality about them. These photoshoots transport viewers to whimsical scenes, and this ethereal quality is exactly what major publications seek out time and time again. Young and old audiences of both genders appreciate these artistic features, striking chords within the hearts and minds of multiple consumers.