The Sam Rollinson February 2012 'How To Spend It' Editorial is Retro

Travel back to the twenties with the fabulous Sam Rollinson February 2012 'How To Spend It' editorial, which takes flapper fashion to whole new heights. The shoot, cleverly and appropriately entitled 'Twenties Twenties Vision' is fierce beyond words, with dazzling dresses that modernize the revolutionary styles of the iconic decade. With exquisite embellishments, dropped waists, over-the-top fur scarves, collars and head pieces rocked by model Sam Rollinson, there is nothing missing the stop and stare striking selections chosen by the multi-talented stylist and photographer Damian Foxe.

The hazy backdrop and simple furnishings that decorate the shoot channel the decade's atmosphere perfectly. With money as no object, and glitz and glamor the goal, Foxe goes above and beyond to show women that the future of fashion truly lies in the past.