Magdalena by Camille Vivier is Draped in an Intimate Veil

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: numero-magazine & fashionising
Despite the visibly staged setup of these photos of Magdalena by Camille Vivier, the viewer may not be able to help a certain feeling of voyeurism. The magnificent model is posed thoughtfully within each picture in a way that makes her look introspective and sentimental. Seemingly unaware of any observer, the subject experiences emotion, subtle bodily motion and the sensation of delicate fabric against her skin.

In each image, the blonde beauty is dressed in different gowns and garments that share the attributes of fine material and an exquisite quality of elegant exposure. Magdalena Frackowiak lets her straps fall, her skirt unfurl and the bright lights caress her fair form beneath the hazy shroud of a mauve glow. Magdalena by Camille Vivier provides Numero #125 with a poignant editorial piece.