- Jul 26, 2013
The models posing for these relaxed and effortless editorials look as if they’re having a lazy Sunday. Each of these captures involves effortless styles and body language, reminding you of days when you don’t feel like doing anything. The majority of these shoots involve frizzy hair, loose clothing and messy rooms. The opposite of glamorous, these photoshoots give off a mellow vibe.

Hipster fashion often aims for lazily effortless looks. Though they are certainly styled and posing to look candid, thin models for hip apparel brands almost always give off a carefree and almost attention-repelling aura. The Vanguard SS12 collection’s lookbook is a perfect example of this. The beautiful models are laid-back and borderline grungy, leaning on each other as if they just couldn’t care less about the world.

From Sleepy Sultry Shoots to Laundry Day Lookbooks: