The Ilva Hetmann for Tiger Magazine Editorial is Eerily Edgy

The words glamorous and magazine shoots almost always go together, but the Ilva Hetmann for Tiger Magazine shoot opted for an edgier feel. It has the glamor-free theme going on, as the model is dressed in little to no makeup.

The entire shoot captures the soft and prim side of fashion, as model Ilva Hetmann is seen in colorful printed tops, rosy-red hair and little makeup. Aptly titled Sleeping Beauty, the shoot depicts Ilva in a lazy and care-free manner. There are many shots of her posing with her eyes closed too. Tiger magazine is always trying new ideas, and this one is just as bold and different as previous shoots.

Captured by Thomas Lohr, the Ilva Hetmann for Tiger Magazine photoshoot has the model sporting cozy, comfy designer wear from the likes of Céline, Stella McCartney and many more.