- Jul 22, 2014
Actor Kit Harington made his mark in the world of film through his dynamic undertaking of the role of Jon Snow on HBO's hit fantasy series Game of Thrones. The show sparked Harington's celebrity career and now the brooding bad boy can be seen popping up in various fashion ad campaigns and editorials for all the major brands and magazines.

While Harington is often seen on Game of Thrones dressed in worn-out furs, in his day-to-day life he is quite the dapper style icon. Even though Harington is often teased about his shy nature and sulky look, it seems to translate well into the world of fashion. This year alone Harington has posed in top magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue as well as landed ad campaigns with luxury brands like Jimmy Choo. Harrington's career is just starting and it'll be fun to see where he ends up in the fashion world.

These Pop Culture Moments Celebrate Game of Thrones Actor Kit Harington: