Morsian Karkuteilla by Jessie Laitinen Features Lazy Lace Styles

The adornment of a diaphanous veil does not instantly create a bride, but Morsian Karkuteilla by Jessie Laitinen has something else going for it. Although the Finnish translation of the title means "Bride at Large," the images seem to tell the story of a woman discovering her own sense of style.

Model Anu of Brand model management is photographed in black and white within what looks to be a rather drab hotel room. From what the viewer can gather, she is on her own, flaunting a selection of different outfits that explore the meshing of casual clothing and elegant accessories.

Cropped t-shirts are worn with thigh-high lace stockings and a floor-length white shroud. Satin shorts, loosely knit cardigans and wide-brim hats create some unusual ensembles that make Morsian Karkuteilla by Jessie Laitinen a curious set of captures.