The Weeknd Thursday Promo Pics Sends Viewers into a Dream World

 - Aug 24, 2011
References: the-weeknd & the-weekndxo.tumblr
It’s only been a few days since The Weeknd’s latest mixtape dropped, and these Thursday promo pics only add to the mystique of the Toronto-based R&B singer.

The Thursday promo pics feature a beautiful, but lonely female star whose very presence is enough to induce intoxication from viewers. The hazy filters used in the photos also serve to amplify the dreamlike quality of the images. And let’s not forget how alluring these photos look even though they’re taken in what appears to be a raunchy motel. I’d say only heaven or Las Vegas can look more glamorous than this enigmatic shoot.

Implications - With the proliferation of hipster culture, mainstream audiences are now much more appreciative of photography as an art form. As such, products that are packaged with unique photography often garner more consumer attention than items without as they feel it’s added incentive for purchasing a particular product.