- Feb 2, 2015
At the 2015 Super Bowl, the Katy Perry performance was yet another knockout, increasing the pop star's fan base with every appearance that she makes. People simply can't get enough of the big-eyed, beautiful and incredibly talented songstress and dancer, encouraging her involvement in all sorts of entertainment opportunities.

The beloved singer has been invited to every major music award show since her fame was ignited, often appearing to present elaborate and flashy live sets with unique and sensational costumes. But off of the stage, Katy Perry performances have included a smartphone concert for new Windows Phone 7 users, and a guest weather report on an Australian network to promote her tour in that part of the world. The bubbly celebrity is constantly showing her bright personality to the world through her music videos and ad campaigns to promote a variety of fabulous products and worthy charities.

From Celebrity Smartphone Concerts to Pop Star Weather Reports: