This Dark Horse Cover is the Most Versatile One Yet

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: youtube & jezebel
YouTube user Anthony Vincent has created a Dark Horse cover that encapsulates 20 different musical styles. Even if you’re sick of the Katy Perry jam, which has admittedly all but taken over the radio, this inventive cover is definitely worth a listen.

Vincent sings the dark, borderline-witchy pop anthem in its original fashion before segway-ing into the musical stylings of Nirvana, Queen, N ‘Sync and Iron Maiden, among others. My favorite reincarnation of the song is probably the funky, acid jazz interpretation done in the style of Jamiroquai, but there are other notable gems throughout.

Whether you prefer the smooth, swinging vocals of Frank Sinatra, the psychedelic, bluesy rock of the Doors, or the alternative funk mental of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, there is truly something for everyone.