The Bokeh by Basia Asztabska Series Looks Like a Hazy Memory

 - Aug 20, 2011
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Sometimes a person just wants to remain anonymous in photos, and the series titled Bokeh by Basia Asztabska shows one artistic way of achieving this anonymity without compromising artistry. Instead of relying on the typical blurred-face technique that the media uses, this soft and sweet shoot uses a popular photography aesthetic that renders out-of-focus points of light as pleasing ethereal splotches.

By focusing on this aesthetic so profusely, the photo series Bokeh by Basia Asztabska actually looks more like a series of water paintings. The Poland-based photographer manages to combine to photography fads into one photoshoot: the light leaks beloved by hipster film photographers and the paintlike effect of fine art photographers. It makes the photo series Bokeh by Basia Asztabska seem like a hazy memory or a pleasant dream.