From 4k Security Cameras to Pocket-Sized Camcorders

 - Jan 12, 2016
The CES 2016 Camera innovations represent a variety of consumer interests, ranging from high-quality point and shoots to vintage camera recreations. Moreover, the cameras introduced aim to increase convenience and efficiency for consumers, whether for recreational use or security purposes.

A standout from the event includes the budget-friendly 'Now Cam' from Zagg, a pocket-sized camcorder that is small enough to fit inside one's shirt pocket. The Now Cam is a dual-purpose device that uses bluetooth technology to stream music from smartphones and is also capable of making calls. Another innovation from the event is the Ultra4 from EZVIZ. This 4K security camera gives homeowners a high-definition option when keeping their homes safe, providing crystal clear quality through a small, minimalist device. Despite its high tech specs, the Ultra4 also provides a reasonably priced alternative for consumers.

A key takeaway from this year's Consumer Electronics Show is that brands are willing to make the latest technologies available to customers without forcing them to break the bank.