- Dec 29, 2011
Cassette tape creations have seen a definite revival in recent years. From cassette tape artwork to retro audio furniture pieces, these sound-infused items are making an impressive comeback.

These fun and musical creations serve as the perfect holiday gift or novelty conversation piece. Whether one is resting their head on a cassette pillow or keeping their money safe in a cassette wallet, they are reminded of the past when interacting with these vintage tech-inspired items.

A blast from the past, novelty items like musical lamps, cassette-inspired accessories and even cassette couture never fail to impress consumers with their increasing popularity and high demand. These nostalgic pieces find a new use for forgotten technologies, paying homage to the past and repurposing old tech items. The perfect hipster find, these fun-infused retro items are flying off the shelves.

These Items are a Musical Blast From the Past: