Mix Tape USB Case

 - Oct 3, 2007
References: suck.uk
Remember how much fun making mix tapes was? This nifty little USB holder will take you back in time. In a box fashioned like an old tape case, this container comes with a memory stip ready to be loaded with your favourite tunes. Just like you would have back in the day, you can write your playlist (if you keep it short enough) on the cover.

Mixing tapes was such a sentimental thing to do... Caught up with the infatuation of a new love, devoting hours of your time to create the perfect mix CD was what love was all about back in the day. The 30 seconds it takes to burn a CD today is hardly romantic, and doesn't require nearly enough thought, time or patience.

Though this little USB holder won't require you to listen to all the songs you want to add, it will still bring back some of the nostalgia of the good ol' tapes of the tape. A great Christmas idea for mom and dad!