Sao Paulo City Hall and NovaS/B Implores Owners to Care for Pets

 - Apr 6, 2010   Updated: Aug 11 2011
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Sao Paulo City Hall and NovaS/B have developed a heart-wrenching print campaign that provokes pet owners who have abandoned their animals to examine their actions.

The ad campaign depicts trashed items like a tape cassette and an old TV set discarded on the curb, which are representative of abandoned pets. It's very upsetting when you think about these poor animals being treated like trash, which is why this campaign is so effective.

Implications - Shock factor is an effective advertising technique, since it not only garners much attention, but shocking visuals depict a message that requires audiences and consumers to give thought to. By allowing viewers to become conscious and aware of their actions in a less-than-subtle way, companies can ensure that the consumer is giving their undivided attention to their product or message.