From Coke Can Trains to Tin Whistles

 - Feb 17, 2013
Can-art is interesting because it takes an eco-friendly approach, yet doesn’t compromise visual appeal.

These examples of can-art provide great insight into the many ways beverage cans can be manipulated and combined to make interesting pieces. There is a train made entirely of Coca-Cola cans. Not only is the train made of cans, but Nelson Leiner also cut and manipulated cans into stick figures standing on the train’s platform waiting to board.

Beverage cans aren’t the only ones in on this kind of art though: artists are finding ways to use aerosol cans as well. The tops on aerosol cans have been used to make beautiful, metallic bouquets. The body of aerosol cans have also been used in art pieces like Evan Roth’s Propulsion Paintings.