CanLove Uses Discarded Cans to Create Ornate Flower Vases

 - Apr 5, 2012
References: junk-culture & bitrebels
The art doesn't have to stop at the paint, as we can appreciate through these sculptures by CanLove. The graffiti can recycling program takes the discarded cans and turns them into beautifully ornate, flower-inspired vases.

Graffiti art has given rise to a whole culture of taggers and artists who apply their designs to buildings. Yes, there is often a backlash from certain areas of the public -- owners of the building, individuals who don't care for the design, officials who have to remove it -- but there is also an extensive community of individuals who feel as if graffiti and street art can act as an outlet for creative talent and powerful messages.

CanLove's project ensures that rather than adding to the abundance of garbage, graffiti can begin as one art form and develop into another -- a self-contained creative cycle.