The Samuel Bernier 'Project RE_' Provides Low Cost Personal Objects

 - Apr 12, 2012
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The world needs more thinkers and projects like the Samuel Bernier 'Project RE_.' It uses 3-D printing to create low-cost home objects such as pencil holders, piggy banks, mugs, rain catchers etc.

Bernier is an inventive thinker as he strategically understands that there are many things within the home that are bought for unnecessary prices and don't necessarily add great value to the appeal of the home. Why not have these objects upcycled through 3-D printing and save a ton of cash?

Customized lids are created using the Objet 3D printer and then clasped to various jars and cans to make home-savvy trinkets that will get the job done at a much lower cost than their pricey counterparts. He even managed to create a dumbbell, snow globe and bird house with his nifty thinking.