From Early Morning Munchies to Petite Pastry Hybrids

 - Mar 1, 2012
Start your day off on a sweet note with these breakfast-inspired desserts. While many popular breakfast foods have the downside of being relatively unhealthy, these sweet morning meal munchies take it to a whole new sugary level. Make the most important meal of the day a whole lot more fun with these sinful versions of the early morning meal.

You're sure to win a lot of friends with a plate piled high with chocolate-covered bacon; or return your palette to your childhood by indulging in a cupcake decked out in Lucky Charms. Suck on a bacon candy before your morning meeting, or slow down and savor a plate of pecan pie french toast. The next time you're in need of a sugary kick, conceal your indiscretion by calling it a balanced breakfast.

Delicious, naughty and wiggle-your-toes good, these breakfast-inspired desserts just made the first meal of the day a lot more interesting.