From Haunting Showgirl Pictorials to Bloody Ballerina Editorials

 - Apr 30, 2011
These bold ballerina photo shoots are nothing like what we typically know of this highly technical form of dance that is both classical and elegant. Don't get me wrong, these pictorials are graceful and flowing, but they're also more explicit and sassy, taking the dance theme to another level.

Some of these photo shoots are daunting or daring, while others are naughty. From box-bound ballerinas to bohemian ballerina fashion, you can see great developments in the modernization of these pretty prancers, who have essentially been very poised from the 15th century. Especially with the recent success of Black Swan, the psychological thriller film, ballet just isn't so innocent anymore. Either way, these bold ballerina shoots with their twisted prima ballerinas are just as beautiful and are definitely en pointe.