From Carrot Stick Cigarettes to Genetically Modified Superfoods

 - May 13, 2012
These anti-cancer food concepts reveal an alternative approach to disease treatment and prevention. Although prescriptions and medical treatments have made incredible breakthroughs in this field, nutritionists and homeopathic experts are promoting organic diets as means of mitigation. Owners of alcohol brands and chic restaurants have also chimed in here, donating the proceeds from edible products to charities in search of new cures.

Carrot stick cigarettes and genetically modified superfoods are making significant attempts to eradicate cancer. These approaches are holistic, merging one's lifestyle with healthy eating practices. Ventures like Kris Carr's 'Crazy Sexy Diet' have gone viral, promoting plant-based meals that can reduce the effects of the illness. Those who are closely impacted by multiple types of cancer have turned to these options, seeking out balanced and natural nourishment.